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Entry #11

College life = less active

2010-08-30 14:26:29 by jewdudewtf

Well its official. I've just gotten done with my first day of college classes. And in the bit of downtime I had I decided to update my news post since its been over a year.

I've already been less active over the past 6 months but I feel things are going to slow down even more for me in the coming weeks, or even months. While I do love the Newgrounds community and have made a number of what I consider to be good friends, I'm afraid I'll have to put that all on hold. With school back in session, I would like to focus my efforts solely on classwork. I'll probably still make post here and there, most likely when I'm supposed to be doing homework. And this post is mostly here just to get rid of the old one.


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2010-09-18 22:50:28

I can't believe I missed this news post! I have been waiting so long for another news post from you!!!

I hope your college days are super duper rockin'! I'm sure they already are just because you're in it! Any college with you would RULE!!!! Ace them classes 8)


and how about that Imperial Can!!!!!!!!


2010-09-27 13:45:42

are you a jew?


2012-07-01 02:38:17

how does it feel to be a jew

how does it feel to be solely responsible for killing millions of white men and owning the world you bastard


2013-09-21 17:05:34

Sooyoung is great but Taeyeon is better