Xbox 360 Giving Up On Me

2009-05-17 19:32:12 by jewdudewtf

So my 360 finally gave in to the red ring. I'll be receiving my coffin in 4 business days, and then getting it repaired for free.

But I want this news post to be a vote deciding what I do with my fixed 360. Do I keep it and pretend nothing happened, or should I trade it in for a PS3? I'm leaving this "poll" open until I get it back. I'll actually decide based on the votes here.

Including is a picture of a RROD to make this more interesting.

Xbox 360 Giving Up On Me

Great China Rules, Eh?

2009-04-01 16:08:52 by jewdudewtf

Actually, I hate it. Thanks to all those Admins negotiating with a bunch of communist, everything is the same. Same level icons, same b/p icons, and whistle icons.

On the bright side though, I finally have a golden whistle and a mod aura. So I guess its not all bad.

Included is a picture of my profile page taken today, with my mod aura and all. You can see the big picture here.

Great China Rules, Eh?

Tim and Eric Awesome Tour

2009-01-22 16:29:49 by jewdudewtf

I was there. It was simply amazing. There was never a dull moment, and I would recommend it to anybody who even likes Tim and Eric a little.

Picture is a little dark, but it makes me look tan, so I really don't care.

Tim and Eric Awesome Tour

School News Intro

2008-12-10 23:41:59 by jewdudewtf

Made a video for the school news. I'm in it, but I'll never tell which of those 4 fags is me. :P

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Election Day

2008-11-04 23:16:39 by jewdudewtf

Its election day here in America, at least for another hour or so. With the polls slowly shutting down time-zone by time-zone, its becoming clear that Obama is the winner. Hopefully I'm not pulling a Flordia, circa 2000. (lol)

Anyway, I thought that in the spirit of "New Beginnings" with the ushering in of a new president, I could maybe get a new start here on Newgrounds. Lately I haven't been posting much or even voting that much, let alone submitting any of my own work.

So basically, from here until a time to be determined, I'm thinking I'm going to get really active on Newgrounds. At least those are my plans for now.

To end this news post, a picture of the 44th President of the United States of America, Mr. Obama.

Election Day

Posting a Video

2008-10-06 23:39:49 by jewdudewtf

Its my pride and joy. A short video I made (more of a slideshow) last year for U.S. History class, about a young man who goes through the life of a jew in a concentration camp.

I'm not jewish, so no, this doesn't offend me. Also, I'm the star!

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Lets start this news post the right way! CASTLE CRASHERS IS OUT! I haven't got it myself yet, but it looks amazing, and I've been hearing good things about it. Looks like Tom Fulp really came through this time, and it better be worth the 2100 points for his 3 years or so of work. When I get it, if I ever play with you, I get dibs on Green Knight full time. If your playing as the Green Knight, you can fuck off because I'm always Green, you got it?

Now for the sad part. Less than one week ago, a kid who goes to a nearby school died. Instead of just letting him die in peace, I just had to be a cock about it for some reason or another, and I highly regret my actions. I didn't even know the kid, but I continued to mock him for the way he died, even posting a thread about how stupid he is here on Newgrounds. Looking back on this short week, I already feel like terrible shit for doing that.

What makes it even worse, is that another thread came up about how unfathomablesin's friend died. As if his ode to Anthony wasn't enough of a tear-jerker for me, it made me think back to the thread I made. When I made the thread, I had some sort of feeling that all I said was right and just. What I forgot to even think about was that people loved and cared for the kid I was mocking, just like unfathomablesin still loves and cares for his friend.

Basically, to sum it up, I feel like total shit for making fun of the kid near me that died. I feel even worse for pissing off those who cared for him. What would really add on to the shit pile is if a member of his family read what I had posted. I'm not sure if I could live with myself if that would happen.

On a lighter note, tomorrow, Friday, August 29th, will be my high school's first football game ever! I was fortunate enough to live within the district limits for a new school that opened up, and I'm having a blast being able to be the first to do a lot of things at this new school. Hopefully we can win this game, and have a perfect record of 1-0 to open up the season.

Clock day has come and went

2008-08-16 17:14:07 by jewdudewtf

But I hardly got any saves. And school is starting soon, so I'm going to be a lot less active. Also, banned for about 20 hours right now for posting in a topic about Jews. Go figure. :'(


2008-06-05 23:03:08 by jewdudewtf

Yeah, so I sold out to fit the stero-typical, trendy, college student. At least, that is what the lady at the Apple Store told me I was doing when I bought it.

Yeah, he did. Proof is here

I'll post a pic later, but I'm to lazy right now.

P.S. It was the greatest day of my life.